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Clarity Chair

The Clarity Chair 


What is the Clarity Chair?

Have you tried Sensory Integration, Occupational Therapy, Vestibular Therapy, Vision Therapy, Auditory Therapy or Physical Therapy, but are still looking for help?  Welcome to Clarity Chair, a groundbreaking new therapy with results so dramatic, you’ll want to know more.  Clarity Chair uses today’s technology to target the underlying issue of most brain function problems, the sensory system, an often overlooked issue that is at the core of many problems.

What does the Clarity Chair do?

The Clarity Chair provides the foundation every brain needs to reach its full potential.  Clarity Chair targets the brain at the foundation by resetting and optimizing the brain sensory interaction.  This interaction controls how we take in and process information, which is why it is the obvious first step to ensuring we can accurately  output information through our  thoughts, feelings, learning, development, behaviors and interpretation,  making Clarity Chair the new first line treatment for a better brain and life.

What is the experience like? 

  • Read documentation about participating in the program.

  • Fill out the online intake form and meet with Allison.  

  • One hour hearing and vision screening

  • Schedule 5 consecutive days for 2 appointments per day.  One hour in the morning, and one hour in the afternoon. 

  • For children, plan for a parent / guardian to be in the room with them during the appointment to ensure that the chair is being used properly. 

  • One hour hearing and vision screening

  • After the last session, plan to meet with Allison for a post-session interview. 

  • Schedule follow up appointments for 30 / 60 / and 90 days.