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Chiropractic Care

We treat many conditions affecting the nervous system and musculoskeletal systems through:


  • Chiropractic adjustments realign the joints to decrease pain and increase one’s range of motion. 

  • Soft-tissue therapy relaxes tight muscles, relieves spasms, and releases tension in the connective tissues surrounding muscles. 

  • Exercises and stretches restore and maintain joint stability and mobility.


Here at Fort Worth Wellness, Dr. Pitts is our in-house chiropractor. He has an extremely high success rate treating: 


  • Vertigo and dizziness (99% treatment success rate)

  • Balance problems

  • Back pain 

  • Joint pain

  • Weight issues

FAQs About Chiropractic Services

WILL YOU ACCEPT MY HEALTH INSURANCE? Dr. Pitts is an out-of-network provider for all insurance companies and full payment is required at the time of service. Upon request you will be provided with the documents and information needed for you to submit your own insurance utilizing your out-of-network benefits. Any payments from your insurance company will be sent directly to you.

WHAT CONDITIONS CAN BENEFIT BENEFIT FROM CHIROPRACTIC CARE? Neck, back, shoulder, leg, knee and foot pain Carpal tunnel syndrome Tendonitis Tennis elbow Headaches and Migraines Sciatica Asthma Neuralgia Herniated discs Fibromyalgia Dizziness/Vertigo

WHAT IS THE "POPPING NOISE" WHEN GETTING ALIGNED? A lot of the time patients will experience a popping or cracking sound during spinal manipulation. This is not dangerous, and it typically does not cause pain or discomfort for patients. This sound occurs because gas and fluids are moving throughout your spine. Our bodies depend on these fluids to lubricate the bones, so it's normal to have this fluid in your skeletal system and this can occur when manipulating most joints in the body.

IS IT OK TO POP MY OWN NECK? Typically, when “popping” your own neck you aren’t moving the restricted vertebra. More than likely it's the vertebra above or below the one that actually needs to be moved. In addition to not moving the restricted vertebra if this is repeated several times a day you may also cause ligament laxity within the neck ligaments. Chiropractic manipulation specifically targets the restricted vertebra to get it moving in the right direction and aligned and should be performed by a professional.

WILL I NEED X-RAYS? Dr. Pitts will do a thorough examination on your first visit. If he determines you need imaging like x-rays or an MRI he will send you to an imaging facility to have these done. In general, most patients do not need imaging.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MY SYMPTOMS ARE GONE? DO YOU NEED MAINTENANCE? After symptoms are gone, some patients choose to continue with a maintenance type of care. Many of my patients choose to come in once a month to get aligned and therapeutic massage. This helps keep their spinal nerves functioning properly and helps reduce chances of further pain.

HOW MUCH TIME DOES DR. PITTS TYPICALLY SPEND WITH A PATIENT? Dr. Pitts typically spends about 1 hour with his new patients. He gets a thorough history and does an exam first. He then consults you on his findings. After the exam and consultation, the first treatment is typically rendered. The first treatment most often includes an alignment and therapeutic massage.

HOW MANY VISITS DOES IT TAKE TO GET BETTER? The majority of my patients typically see good improvement within a few treatments. Some patients do require more depending on the severity. After the exam during the consultation Dr. Pitts will discuss your options with you and will figure out a plan tailored specifically for your case.

WHAT METHODS DOES DR. PITTS USE TO HELP PATIENTS? Gentle and specific Manipulation Therapeutic Massage Physical Therapy Interferential Stimulation Hot and cold therapy Rehabilitative stretching and exercise

DO YOU PROVIDE CHIROPRACTIC CARE TO CHILDREN? Dr. Pitts loves working with children and even newborns. As we know the birthing process can be traumatic at times and getting those little vertebra aligned after birth is always a good idea. This is an extremely gentle alignment as newborns vertebrae are very easy to align and can be done with a light push of the doctor's finger on the misalignment. In addition, kids take falls, spills, play sports and other activities that may cause misalignments. Kids are easily aligned as well and should not have back pain.

DO YOU PROVIDE CHIROPRACTIC CARE TO PREGNANT WOMEN? Yes, alignments and therapeutic massage can help relieve many pains like sciatica that pregnant women often have. In addition, an aligned pelvis can make the birthing process easier.

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Chiropractic Services

Dr. James Pitts

For more than a decade, Dr. Pitts has been helping Fort Worth residents with common aches and pains and is renowned for his treatment of vertigo.

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