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holistic wellness center fort worth

Your wellness journey starts here.

About Fort Worth Wellness

Our mission is to keep your body at peak performance to
enable you to live your best life.

That means solving your health issues, designing a plan that is unique to your body and your chemistry, and understanding the full picture of your health. As a holistic wellness center, our practitioners combine Eastern and Western medical training to provide answers to your medical mysteries. Using NAET therapy, holistic bodywork, lifestyle medicine, chiropractic care, and other treatments, we offer our clients a uniquely holistic approach to wellness. 

Our Services

What Our Clients Say

Elizabeth Poe

wellness center
Allison is absolutely wonderful. Her servant's heart is evident in all she does. With her medical and nutritional background, she is very competent in a wide range of areas that extremely benefit her clients. Seeing her has truly helped improve my health along with the health of my four children and my husband. I recommend her to everyone I know!!

 It is my greatest joy to solve the mystery that has caused someone so much distress and watch them begin to feel better than they ever thought possible. 

—Allison Blakewell


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