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About our founder Allison Blakewell

My mission is to keep your body at peak performance to enable you to live your best life.  That means permanently solving your health issues, designing a plan that is unique to your body and your chemistry, and understanding the full picture of your health.


My career path has been driven by my inner need to seek health solutions for myself and others. I started as a nurse, but even as I cared for others I continued to struggle with my own health issues. Now I can blend all of my knowledge from both Eastern and Western medical training. While listening to patients, I have discovered I really enjoy the role of health detective, searching and finding the hidden cause of a disease that has eluded many doctors and modern medical tests. It is my greatest joy to solve the mystery that has caused someone so much distress and watch them begin to feel better than they ever thought possible.

I have a bachelors of science in nursing and I also have a masters in nutrition. Now I primarily practice Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET). This is an energy balancing technique that helps to balance the body to particular allergens so that the person will not experience the symptoms caused by that allergen. So if a person reacts to trees with sneezing, coughing, itching and a runny nose, I reset the body so that the person's body will just see a tree and not react. It is non-invasive and non-chemical approach to wellness so it is safe for everyone from babies, to pregnant women to 90 year olds. I am also skilled in several emotion balancing techniques and other forms of energy work.


"I can't say enough great things about Allison! She is kind, caring, and smart. Her education and experience have made her an outstanding clinician and I'm thankful that she is taking care of me and my son. She is outstanding!"

—  Susan Little


About the Team 

Ashley Lilburn

Ashley Lilburn graduated with a BS in Psychology from TCU. She has a MS in Lifestyle Health Sciences from UNTHSC and she has been a certified Reiki practitioner for 18 years. She helps individuals with low energy create improved and sustained energy so they can thrive each day with confidence and stamina. Ashley combines stress management and personalized lifestyle recommendations to empower clients to take back control of their vitality one step at a time.

Ashley also has completed her certification in NAET and offers appointments in person on Fridays in addition to her Lifestyle Medicine Practice.


Monsserrath Reyes is our office manager.

She is our Lymphatic Drainage Technique specialist. With her light touch she is able to get your lymphatic system flowing correctly and smoothly.  She is also one of our Thermographers here at Fort Worth Wellness. 

Monsserrath Reyes Lopez 
Carlotta Luster

Carlotta Luster is the warm smile you see when you walk in. She is also one of our Thermographers here.