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About Fort Worth Wellness

Fort Worth Wellness is a holistic healing center based in Fort Worth, Texas. We strive to keep our clients’ bodies operating at peak performance so they’re able to live their best lives. To us, this means permanently solving health issues, designing plans that are unique to bodies and chemistries, and understanding the full picture of health. 


Our practitioners combine Eastern and Western medical training to solve our clients’ medical mysteries and offer holistic solutions to wellness. However, things weren’t always this way. 


Our founder, Allison Blakewell, launched Fort Worth Wellness in 2011. After leaving her career in nursing, Allison began treating clients out of her own home. Blending her knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine, she set out to solve illnesses and diseases that had eluded traditional doctors and modern medical tests. 


Since then, Fort Worth Wellness has helped thousands of people regain their vitality. Through a combination of NAET therapy, holistic bodywork, lifestyle medicine, chiropractic care, and other treatments, we offer a holistic approach to wellness that is unmatched by our competition. We are confident in our ability to help you.

Meet Our Team


NAET | Distance Treatment | Clarity Chair | Zyto Scan

Allison Blakewell

As someone who is passionate about finding health solutions to medical mysteries, Allison has been transforming the lives of her patients since 2010.

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Chiropractic Services

Dr. James Pitts

For more than a decade, Dr. Pitts has been helping Fort Worth residents with common aches and pains and is renowned for his treatment of vertigo.


    Lifestyle Medicine | NAET | Lab Work

    Ashley Lilburn

    Ashley is passionate about helping individuals reclaim their vitality through lifestyle medicine, NAET therapy, and lab work.

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    Lymphatic | Reiki | Raindrop Massage | Thermography

    Monsserrath Reyes Lopez

    Through lymphatic drainage techniques, reiki healing sessions, and raindrop therapy, Monsserrath teaches people how to heal their own bodies. 

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