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lifestyle medicine in fort worth

Lifestyle Medicine

We are more than our symptoms, and we are more than disease. We are living, breathing beings whose health deserves more than just a 5 minute visit and a prescription.

In your first session, we will get a full picture of your health in regards to stress management, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and social connection. We won’t rush you through... most new client consults last 60 minutes.

Health is how you define it. We’ll work on the things that are important to you. You will get you an actionable, step-by-step plan to meet your unique goals, including complete supplement and nutrition recommendations for your unique situation.

Common health goals we have success with:


  • Stress management

  • Improving cortisol levels

  • Sustainable weight management

  • Better sleep

  • Optimized immune system

  • Long COVID

  • Improved daily energy

  • Managing anxiety

lifestyle medicine practitioner fort worth

Lifestyle Medicine | NAET | Lab Work

Ashley Lilburn

Ashley is passionate about helping individuals reclaim their vitality through lifestyle medicine, NAET therapy, and lab work.

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