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Andea Kaye Beims

Like many patients that find their way to FWW, Andea knows what it is like to endure a myriad of chronic symptoms, illnesses, and auto-immune diseases inhibiting her from living the life she wanted to live, with only supposed pharmaceutical cures.  She says, "I will never forget my prestigious rheumatologist looking at my lab results and telling me I wouldn't walk by the time I was 50, if I did not take my new pharmaceuticals for the rest of my life!"  Knowing there had to be another way, she began her health and wellness journey out of desperation, curiosity, and even a bit of defiance using natural and often non-traditional or non-western methods.  She states "the health and wellness world became my muse."


After recovering from her personal health crisis over 10+ years ago, Andea Kaye Beims knew she would help others with her new-found knowledge of how to holistically and naturally heal.  For 7 years she periodically led what she called HIVEhealth challenges helping clients change their diets and took selective health & lifestyle coaching clients seeing it as a part-time passion project while working full-time in design and other entrepreneurial endeavors via her brand HIVEhome. However, due to extended life-changing healing through somatic practices, she decided to invest in further education to pursue her passion in helping others full time through inner-healing somatic story-work, and she is not looking back.


She is delighted to accept the invitation by Allison to join her team for a season. While you can still find her curating beautiful spaces, sharing healthy recipes to enjoy with her five children, and juggling the life of mothering a new graduate attending TCU (Go Frogs!), she is committed to helping others heal through somatic practices and providing her clients with the support they need to approach their body past, present, and future for the healing work of internal acknowledgments and metaphorical reckoning.  "I truly believe we are designed to heal.  Our body knows it, but sometimes our heart and mind have to catch up."

Get to Know Andea

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A shop owner! I would spend hours setting up displays and creating items to sell. I have a very distinct memory of my uncle Danny being my best, most generous customer. Thus, my previous market venture was me living out a childhood dream.

What are your hobbies?
Gardening, traveling, exploring and foraging, writing poetry that can turn into song, singing, and creating healthy recipes - especially ones that nourish and bless those with food issues, but I’m a big foodie all across the board. Food is assuredly my love language.

Favorite travel destination?
My favorite place I've visited in the states thus far is Michigan. Mackinac Island, MI, to be exact. It was magical, and if you know you know. Add it to your list, and go! My best trip out of the states has been the Holy Lands. I went with my daughter for her chosen senior trip; I tear up every time I think about it, and can talk your ear off about it, if you ask. 


Song you jam to on a road trip?
I love me some David Grey on any road trip.

What have you learned over your lifetime that you'd like to share with the younger generation?
Talk to yourself like a good friend.


“As someone who has been committed to their personal growth and healing journey for 18 years, somatic coaching is exactly what I needed to finally, truly bring me in alignment with my most authentic self. I would, and do, recommend somatic coaching to anyone in need of lasting healing and genuine support. Learning how to honor, listen to, and support my body has been transformative. Bringing my body home and allowing all parts of me to work together in my healing journey has been the most supportive act I have learned thus far. A million times- thank you! to Andea for the support, insight, and encouragement. This is truly a worthy work, and I believe all of our bodies need and deserve it.”

Alyssa Slavin, NICU and Pediatric Nurse

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