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Five unexpected things that can be helped using NAET Treatment

Many of you already know that NAET is wonderful at treating allergies in the air as well as food allergies. In this blog, I will discuss some of the unusual things that NAET can help treat that you might not have thought of.

Allison Blakewell of Fort Worth Wellness performing a NAET Treatment on a patient

Barometric Pressure

Do you experience headaches or drowsiness from the barometric pressure? Can you feel it in your bones when it’s going to rain? I have so many patients with symptoms associated with barometric pressure.  

The first NAET treatment that I ever did on my mom was in 2011. I remember it so clearly it was the Wednesday before my wedding and her typical headache was coming. These headaches are something that she had dealt with for years and would always come several days leading up to big Texas thunderstorms as the barometric pressure rose. She would end up taking Advil and being in bed miserable until it finally started raining and the pressure would drop. We had family coming in town and she really felt a bit panicky, knowing that she didn’t have time to be in bed because she would be playing hostess to out of town guests. She asked me if there was anything I could do. I did a NAET treatment on barometric pressure and within 20 minutes, her pain was completely gone. To this day… She still is headache free no matter what the weather is. 


I have experienced altitude sickness since high school and always had to take medication when I traveled to the mountains. It was severe… to the point of hospitalization. I have now successfully been able to go to the mountains without medication several times thanks to NAET treatments. Several of my clients spend a lot of time in Colorado in the summer and I’ve had similar success for altitude or doing a distance treatment if they experience symptoms at the time. 

Car sickness or Motion Sickness

This NAET treatment is perfect if you experience car sickness or are headed on a cruise. I once treated a little boy who would throw up every time he was in the car for more than about 15 minutes. This was a huge problem because they lived out in the country and often had to drive into town. Life got a lot easier when the mom could take the child places without the constant fear that he would throw up in the car. 


Most people have never considered being allergic to something that’s actually inside their body. We are all aware of symptoms of PMS. Although this is common, it’s actually not normal. NAET treatments can help the body to feel neutral to the ups and down of hormones and stay balanced and symptom free. 

Countless patients have had migraines alleviated, have stop having mood swings, and reduced bloating and painful cramps by having a treatment on hormone mix. One of my patients actually claimed that it saved her marriage. 


Did you know that emotions are energy in motion? If they get trapped, they will cause disease or dis-ease of flow. Different emotions tend to be stored in different organs or glands and will disrupt function if stuck.

For example, anger tends to be stored in the liver and grief tends to be stored in the lungs. One of my patients had amazing results with being treated for grief that was causing a chronic cough for three years. Cough had been present since losing her husband three years prior, but no one had associated the two. She was able to stop using all of her allergy medicine and inhalers after the NAET treatment. 

One of my favorite things about NAET is how versatile it can be. Of all the tools in my toolbox, this has provided to be the most valuable, especially at helping ailments where Western medicine says there is no cure.

Do you have a question about a condition and whether or not NAET can help? Feel free to reach out.

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