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Clarity Chair

This non-invasive, non-medical device targets the sensory system – which is often the underlying cause of most issues in brain function. 

By harnessing the brain's neuroplasticity (its ability to change by forming new nerve connections), the Clarity Chair allows the brain to reorganize itself.


It encourages our brains to self-correct, improve, eliminate unproductive sensory pathways, and create new capabilities. 


That's why we recommend the Clarity Chair for people with brain-based conditions or symptoms. It can be used to treat: 


  • Behavioral issues (trouble focusing, emotion control)

  • Cognitive issues (remembering, speaking, coordination)

  • Academic issues (reading, writing, learning)

  • Other issues (light sensitivity, trauma, adverse brain change)

The Clarity Chair treatment includes 10 sessions over five days. Each session is one hour long. To book, you will need to request your first appointment and we will contact you to set up all of the sessions.

clarity chair fort worth tx

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Allison Blakewell

As someone who is passionate about finding health solutions to medical mysteries, Allison has been transforming the lives of her patients since 2010.

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