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Foot Detox

Exposure to toxins has become an inevitable aspect of daily life, with individuals encountering pollutants through various avenues such as air, water, food, and personal care products. This continuous exposure can have profound implications for our health. Toxins, including pollutants, heavy metals, and chemicals, may accumulate in the body over time, burdening vital organs involved in the detoxification process. The liver, kidneys, and other systems designed to eliminate waste may become overtaxed, potentially leading to a range of health issues. Scientific studies have linked prolonged exposure to toxins with the development of chronic diseases, compromised immune function, and adverse effects on neurological and reproductive health.

Foot detoxes have gained popularity as a holistic approach to supporting overall well-being by promoting the elimination of these toxins from the body. The premise behind foot detoxes is rooted in the belief that our feet contain numerous reflexology points connected to various organs and systems throughout the body. By targeting these points, foot detox can stimulate the body's natural detoxification processes. The feet also have larger pores and allow for greater release of toxins.


Fort Worth Wellness offers a foot detox soak that helps draw out impurities and toxins through the skin on the soles of the feet. The process involves soaking the feet in a basin filled with warm water and a special salt solution while an ionic foot bath device generates an electrical charge in the water.


The soaks may help with:

  • Toxin elimination

  • Stress reduction

  • Improved sleep

  • Enhanced circulation

  • Alleviation of fatigue

  • Enhanced Immune Function

  • Promotion of relaxation

  • Enhancement of skin

FAQs About Foot Detox

WHAT IS A FOOT DETOX? A foot detox is a holistic wellness practice that aims to eliminate toxins from the body through the feet. It often involves methods like foot baths, pads, or reflexology to promote overall well-being.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF FOOT DETOX? Foot detox enthusiasts claim benefits such as improved circulation, stress reduction, better sleep, reduced fatigue, and the potential elimination of toxins from the body.

HOW LONG DOES A TREATMENT TAKE? Expect to be here about 45 minutes, with the actual process taking 30 minutes.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I DO A FOOT DETOX? The frequency of foot detox sessions varies among individuals. Some people incorporate them into their routine weekly, while others choose less frequent sessions. It's advisable to listen to your body and consult with healthcare professionals if needed.

WHAT IS THE RECOMMENDED NUMBER OF SESSIONS? Based on our observations, it is typically advisable to undergo 6 to 10 sessions using the Platinum Energy System’s Foot Spa for effective detoxification in the majority of cases. This range is deemed necessary to eliminate the accumulated toxins built up over a lifetime. Following the initial detoxification process, a maintenance program of 1 to 2 sessions per month is generally sufficient to sustain a clean and toxin-free body.

CAN I DO A FOOT DETOX IN CONJUNCTION WITH ANOTHER APPOINTMENT? Yes, we often pair foot detoxes with our NAET Treatment appointments.

CAN ANYONE DO A FOOT DETOX? In general, foot detox methods are considered safe for most individuals. However, The following conditions are contraindicated for those planning to receive a Platinum Energy Systems session: - Pacemaker users - Recent recipients of organ transplants - Sufferers from psychotic episodes, seizures, or epilepsy - Pregnancy or lactating (breast feeding) mothers - People with open wounds on feet

WHAT INGREDIENTS ARE USED IN YOUR FOOT DETOX? Ingredients in the foot detox products include salts, minerals, herbs, and other natural substances believed to support the detoxification process.

ARE THERE ANY SIDE EFFECTS OF FOOT DETOX? Most people do not experience adverse effects, but some individuals may notice temporary reactions such as increased urination or fatigue. If unusual symptoms persist, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional.

HOW DO I PREPARE FOR MY FOOT DETOX? Before your session, it's important to hydrate by drinking water to prevent dehydration. Opting for purified water is highly recommended to support the detoxification process. We encourage you to continue hydrating during and after the session. Scientifically, dehydration has been identified as a common factor in various diseases. Ensure that your feet are free from lotions or oils. During the session, your sole responsibility is to unwind and relish the experience!

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